Hi, I am Dr. M.E. Fayad

My reputation has grown by my achievements in the industry—he has been an IEEE distinguished speaker, an associate editor, editorial advisor, a columnist for The Communications of the ACM (his column is Thinking Objectively), a columnist for Al-Ahram Egyptians Newspaper (2 million subscribers), an editor-in-chief for IEEE Computer Society Press—Computer Science and Engineering Practice Press (1995–1997), a general chair of IEEE/Arab Computer Society International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA 2001), Beirut, Lebanon, June 26–29, 2001, and the founder and president of Arab Computer Society (ACS) from April 2004 to April 2007.

Honors and Awards

Egyptian National Scholarship for Academic Excellency (1969-72)
  IEEE Computer Society Press – EiC – Computer Science & Eng. Practice Board (1995-97)
  Communications of the ACM – Associate Editor (1995-2004)
  Communications of the ACM – Editorial Advisor (1997-2008)
  Communications of the ACM – Contribution Columnist (1995-2004)

Research Interests

Revive Knowledge, Systems, Software Engineering
Software Stability & Stable Analysis / Design / Architecture Patterns
Real-Time, Embedded Systems, Mobile Computing Applications
Internet of Things and Web Applications
Software Economics Bioinformatics Applications Knowledge Maps (KMs) Unified
Software Engines (USEs)
Unified Software Engineering Reuse (USER)
Applications & Enterprise Frameworks and Unified Business Rules
The Art of Abstraction in all field of Knowledge
Autonomous Robots and Intelligent Systems
Business Intelligence and Strategic Thinking