Research and Development Consultation

Training New Innovations:

  • Fayad’s Unified and Stable Software Engineering (Fayad’s USSE)
  • Fayad’s Unified and Stable Linguistic Engineering (Fayad’s ULE)
  • Fayad’s Art of Abstraction, Fayad’s Knowledge Maps (Fayad’s KMs) for Unified Domain Analysis
  • Unified Software Engines (USEs)
  • Fayad’s Unified Software Engineering Reuse (Fayad’s USERs)
  • Fayad’s Stable Analysis Patterns (Fayad’s SAPs)
  • Fayad’s Stable Design Patterns (Fayad’s SDPs)
  • Fayad’s Unified Software Architectures on-Demand (Fayad’s USA on-Demand), etc.